PUBG On PlayStation Now Subscription Service

PUBG On PlayStation Now Subscription Service

, the online battelground game has gone live on PlayStation (PS) currently subscription service and it's available for stream and download. the game is currently available along with Formula 1 2019 and Wolfenstein: The old Blood. Sony keeps on adding new titles to its PS currently subscription to attract a lot of gamers to stream. Recently the company has additionally cut down the prices of popular games by 50 % under GOG Black friday sale.

Besides, PS currently even have game titles like GTA 5, Infamous: Second Son, God of War, and uncharted 4: A Thief's end. PUBG is additionally one amongst the most-streamed games. Indian gamers are earning a good amount from PUBG live streaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

It has been expected that the inclusion of PUBG to PlayStation currently subscription can increase subscribers. Meanwhile, PUBG Corps and developers also are bringing a replacement update to form the gameplay a lot of interesting. The update can include new features, weapons, Season 5, and the Royal Pass.

According to reports, the new update also will allow players to throw frying pans to the opponents. Developers have additionally declared that the update can bring new changes to the loot box and game can remove the random paid crates by December 8.

Meanwhile, you also have Wolfenstein: The old Blood that has received good reviews from gaming enthusiast. it's a primary shooter game that offers high-tech shooting machines to require down the opponents.

Sony has also additional the Formula 1 2019 game title which is recently launched by the game developers. As its name suggests, it's a racing game that is design to experience the inside scenario of a Formula 1 race. the game title falls under the motorsports game category.

Apart from PUBG, PS currently also has alternative battleground game titles like Mortal Kombat X, Rocket League, and Persona 5. The list is large and you can check out the game title on Sony's official website.