Is it a computer or a smartphone? Microsoft Surface Duo to Surprise!!!

The Microsoft Surface Duo |YouApp

Microsoft has just come up with a new computer tool. The move comes three years after the Windows smartphones ended.

It is a two-hand computer with two screens. While Microsoft may not call it a phone, it is possible to make a phone call and send messages. The company does not specify whether the mobile phone is making a comeback, or whether the Surface Duo is moving.

The Microsoft Surface Duo |YouApp

The Surface Duo is described by the company as a portable, foldable, two-fold computer. It is a recoverable device but not a foldable screen. It features two 5.6-inch screens. The two screens are connected to a specially designed hing in the center.

It works on Android OS. Microsoft says that the reason for using Android OS is that there are different applications available for Android. However, the Surface Duo is a design that no smartphone manufacturer has tried yet.