Glamour Doesn't Matter!!!

If you are a person with a great sense of beauty, "try acting in films?". There are many people around us who would advise us. We will also see the survivors of this kind of 'cluster'. Is it possible for new technologies to be trampled on models? Just say yes.

Remember this ''Perosn Doesn't Exist'' service built using the NVIDIA chip company's open source code? A site full of pictures of 'no people' who have never lived in this world ... Good original faces, but no one on this planet.

If you go to and refresh the page, you will see a new face ... so many faces. There is a chance and curiosity about what the next face will look like. This site is great to be amazed at because there are faces to show how refreshing it is.

The next level is https://Generated.Photos, a free service offered on 100,000 faces by Konstantin Zhabinskiy of Icons 8. Not one in a million is original, all are faces made of ''artificial intelligence'' ... any type of face is available.

Download it for free, use it in advertising or anywhere else. Every one of these lakhs is made up of the faces of many human beings who have seen and understood them. This site is available for black, white, laughing, crying, males, females and adults.

Instead of spending thousands of rupees on stock photography sites, buyers can take them for free. Generated Photos is the brain of Nvidia's StyleGAN.

Commonly known as ''Deep Fake'', a combination of the words 'Deep Learning' and ''Fake'', this technology is covered in the news for the better. There is a lot of technology involved in making videos that say things that you don't say, and making videos that one doesn't.

It is widely rumored that this technology would be a great weapon for those making false news known as ''fake news''. In the case of still images, there has been a huge leap in the last few years. This technology has gone from making a humanoid to a non-human image, making it available for download today. Things become accessible to people who have no technical knowledge.

They say that teaching the machine to build a service like this is not easy. This was taught by taking 29,000 pictures of 69 models. The three-year-long project ... they are taking the bail in advance that this is just the beginning and there may be some slight mistakes.

Does it make sense for marketing teams to buy stock photos anymore? Why pay for it if they offer such services, free of charge? There are many tools to edit images.

There are designers who specialize in it all. But they can't make the face of a model. Will they be the faces of such artificial intelligence? Imagine what this technology would do with video ads?