Two Recommended Apps for Android Mobiles|YouApp,2019

Two Recommended Apps for Android Mobiles

1.The secret gallery allows you to hide your own photos and videos behind the search browser window that you do not want others to see.

For others, it looks like a browser search site.
However, if you enter the password you set, you can check your own gallery.

                    👉Main Function

1. Search browser theme support

      Select your favorite search                    
      Change your other search theme         
      at any time.

2. Enter your password

        Enter your password in the  
        browser search field.
        If no password, general search
        results will be exposed.

3. Hide photos and folders

        You can hide it once more with
        Folder Management> Hide.
        Search hidden folders in search.

4. Source delete function support

       You can choose to automatically delete           photos and videos from the gallery.
      Please be careful that the
      deleted original will not be recovered.

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2.SDelete (Secure Delete) is an advanced file shredder which securely deletes your personal data and makes it totally unrecoverable by any advanced recovery tools.

Highly advanced secure deletion tool which leaves no trace of your personal data.Supports secure file deletion in internal storage and also in SD card.

Securely shreds your photos, videos, audio, documents and files of any type.Supports faster and secure wiping of free space to make your deleted files unrecoverable.

Supports automatic deletion of thumbnails for images and videos.Supports international deletion standards 
(US DoD 5220.22-M & NIST 800–88).Supports latest Android OS 6.0-9.0


➡️Simple and smooth file browser 
     with faster navigation and easy

➡️ Delete multiple files and folders
      at same time

➡️Thumbnail preview for images
     and videos in file browser

➡️ Delete files in SDelete by
      selecting files from other file
      managers and Gallery apps

➡️ Securely delete hidden files also

➡️ Supports custom shredding

➡️ Scrap the file contents only
      leaving the file undeleted

Note:Supports Android OS 6.0-9.0

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