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India is the world's cheapest provider of internet.

  India ranks first in the list of countries with mobile data connectivity at a lower cost. This is India's achievement behind many developed countries. The cable.co.uk data compiled a comparison of costs for one GB of data in 230 countries around the world.

The average cost in India is $ 0.26
( Rs 18.41) for a GB data. Followed by Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The average amount for a GB data is
$12.37 (Rs 840) in the US.

Britain is in the 136th place. Finland has the lowest cost of mobile data in Western Europe. The average amount for a GB data is $ 1.16 (Rs 82 ). Countries such as Denmark, Monaco, and Italy are at an average rate of $ 2 per GB (less than Rs 141).

Data is available at Asian countries in the world. Sri Lanka is the top 10 in the list of countries with mobile data at low cost and behind India in Asia. Average cost for a GB data in Sri Lanka is $ 0.78 (55 rupees). Mongolia, Myanmar and Bangladesh account for less than one dollar.

The report points out that there is a high awareness among youth in India. India is offering a wide range of smartphone markets. Competition in the market is strong. Hence the data shows that the data is getting bigger and cheaper.

Data technology, however, is far more technically expensive than Dakarani, Korea, Japan and China.