Cable TV cost may increase operators demand additional service charges

  The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been working for cable / DTH services for more than two months after the new operational framework has been introduced. The new laws that offer more transparency and offer profitable for consumers and operators, but small group of people are not interested.

Even after the government promised to pay cable services, many have to pay more for the bill. Cable operators are missing out if DTH operators are earning money from their prepared bouquet packages.

According to IndiaToday report, cable operators are now trying to get more charges from service providers. According to the report, cable operators in Calcutta have submitted a letter to Trai.

Service charges are charged for any repair and repair of cable TV network. Calculate the cost of cable operators by charging additional service charges by the employers to get their monthly income.

After TRAI's new law, cable operator's revenue declined by 45 percent. Under the new law, basic channel packages can only cost up to Rs130. Users should also pay extra taxes. Following this, operators are expected to offer channels at below Rs130.

Cable operators are instructed to charge a service charge of 20-25 rupees. They say it's necessary to provide service without interruption.

Cable services start to cost users when they start charging service charges.Early,300 rupees for different languages and categories more than 800 channels were served to cable users. Currently, 200 channels are now available in cable services.

According to the new law, transparency of cable / DTH services has increased. Customers are now aware of the amount of money they give to the channel.

DTH service providers offer new promises as per new terms. Channel packages are also available for operators in the old price. Special offers and long term bouquet plans are provided for customers.

HotStar, Net Flex, Amazon Prime Services and the introduction of online TV streaming services in the region are likely to come down to cable operators.