Whatsapp gained 1st place|YouApp

Whatsapp gained 1st place|YouApp

The WhatsApp has reported 30% growth over the past two years. In September 2018, Whatsapp overtook Facebook in the number of users.

Facebook's own company, Instagram, recorded a 35 per cent growth rate. In the last two years, the growth rate of Facebook app and Facebook Messenger  app is 20% and 15% respectively.

Last year, The people from India, Brazil, UK, Germany and Canada are use more times Whatsapp.

Instagram is next to Whatsapp in India. The Facebook app is third. The fourth and fifth is the Facebook Messenger and the IMO app. Snapchat is 1st in the US.

Information leaks and privacy issues have led to the popularity of Facebook. Facebook faces legal proceedings in the face of security fall.