Intel to be strengthen in Artificial Intelligence with Facebook|YouApp-2019

In the middle of this year, the Intel is trying to complete an artificial intelligence work. Intel-based computer chip develops in cooperation with Facebook. The company said in a consumer electronic show held at Las Vegas.

This chip is the company's stature to gain influence in the artificial intelligence computing market. But there are intellectuals in this field. NVIDIA Corp and Amazon Webservice Unit  are also behind the same project. The chip is aimed at effective use of artificial intelligence computing.

In the application of machine learning technologies, Intel processors dominate the market. In September 2018, NVIDIA had launched its own AI chips in order to deal with Intel. In November 2018, Amazon also had its own AI chip. Amazon's chips may not be a challenge directly to Intel or NVIDIA. Because Amazon chips are not sold.

But Amazon's plan is to launch cloud services in the future next year. Intel and Nvidia lose an important user if the Amazon starts to rely on their chips.

While the six new generation processors were introduced in Intel CES 2019. The new chips are from the Core i3 processor and the Core i9 processor. Chips will be available in the first quarter of 2019. The company announced 10nm processors based on its own Sunny Cove architecture.