Google grabbed the 'Where Is my Train' application of Rs 250 crore

Google grabbed the 'Where Is my Train' application

'Where is my Train' Application is very familiar to train passangers. Google has got this app.'Where is my Train' is a train locating mobile application. Sigmoid Labs, a Bangalore-based company that has built this application, has taken over for Rs 250 crore.

Google has revealed that to include live train locations in the Google app. More than one million people have been installing the 'Where is my Train' Application.

With the application 'Where is my Train', it is easy to check the real time location of trains, PNR status, seat arrangement etc. This application is available in eight languages, including Malayalam,English,Hindi,Bengali,Marathi,Kannada,Tamil and Telugu. The main attraction of this application is that it is working without any internet connection.

The program is set up by S.P. Nizam, Arun Kumar Nagarajan, Balasubrahmanyam Rajendran and Meenakshi Sundaram.