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ATM cards will not work on 1 January 2019

ATM cards will not work on 1 January 2019 

The Magnetic Strip ATM cards can not be used on January 1, 2019. These cards will not work from December 31. Rather, payments based on the Euro Pay Mastercard Visa (EMMV) shell can be used for full cash transactions.

Earlier, the Reserve Bank of India had earlier asked banks to provide free replacement of existing magnetic strike cards to customers. Already many banks have replaced old ATM cards with new chip cards.

More safe chip cards have been provided to customers in the country due to fraudulently using debit cards in the country. Such cards contain the micro-tasker chip that keeps the customer's information.

If your card is an EMV card, there will be a gold chip on top of it. The front of the card is seen on the Lift side by default. The chip card's uniqueness is that it can not be cloned. SBI users can not change their cards via e-cards online.

Go to onlinesbi.com and log on to ATM card services on the e-Service tab. The option to change the ATM card is available here and you will get a new ATM card at the address registered at this time.