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Microsoft is dumping your data into the bottom of the sea

Large tech companies have their own data centers. Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many other data companies have a huge collection of data and are some of the companies we own. Data centers are huge sound and heat output. Thus, data centers can be established in suitable locations. Often, it is difficult to find such places.

Microsoft has solved this problem. Place the data center on the shore and place it under the sea. Microsoft's 'ProjectNectic' has become the reality of the first phase of testing after years of endeavor.

The data center on Microsoft Sea Bay is designed using the technologies used in submarines. The Deep Sea Data Center is located at the sea near the Orkney Islands in Scotland. This data center has already started functioning on 8 directories at 865 servers.

Only a quarter of a megawatts of electricity would be required to operate this data center. The electricity produced at the beach is very much in it.

There is a container size and a fuel tanker's instrument. But the data center does not require the cost of a normal cooling because it is naturally low in the ocean floor.

The next 12 months will be monitored by the Microsoft group of data centers. It is designed to work smoothly for five consecutive years without repairs. The data center will monitor the operational efficiency and examine the environmental impact of the data center.

A plan is being made after the demand for cloud computing facility in areas where population density is high. By setting up of data centers in the sea level, there is a need to restrict the space constraints in these areas and create smooth cloud computing facilities.