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Bluetooth security issue; Thousands of phones are in danger

The bulk of the security situation in the Bluetooth system was found in most mobile phones. Another is a security failure that can interfere with one of the two devices connected to each other. This allows other users to monitor the transfer via Bluetooth.

Thousands of popular phones are threatened. Broadband, Qualcomm, Intel and Apple are equipped with equipments and devices.

The problem was discovered by researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology. The research report was published by the BlueTooth SIG of BlueTooth Bluetooth Standards Association and the Computer Emergency Response team at Carnegie Mellon University. The latest security concerns are now around the blueprint.

The problem is 

The encryption keys are transferred between two Bluetooth devices, such as a computer and a phone. However, Israeli researchers say these keys are not properly confirmed. The researchers said that the device has been used in devices that use the Simpler Pening and the LED Secure Connections.

Connecting the devices without confirming the encryption key thus makes it possible for a third to enter the connection. It is possible from Bluetooth signal range from devices that are trying to connect each other. This means that the infiltrator can monitor the transfer of information through devices and to manipulate it.


The Bluetooth SIG has introduced a new update to address this issue in the Bluetooth system. The new update makes it mandatory for their confirmation during the procedure for encryption. The Bluetooth SIG is also trying to detect security errors in the latest update.

A mistake has not been misused

This error in Bluetooth has not yet been discovered. There are no devices found to penetrate Bluetooth connections. But use the updated Bluetooth systems to avoid any such possibilities.