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Smarter Time|Time management App|2018

Boost your time management. Improve your focus and your productivity. Strike the right work-life balance.

We all lack time. Knowing ourselves isn't easy, time management doesn't come naturally to us and traditional time tracking is time consuming. As a result, instead of helping our productivity, available tools end up hurting it.

Bad time management leads to stress, burnout and bad work-life balance! Effective time tracking is the best way to get your productivity, your focus and your happiness back.

Smarter Time is a fully automatic time tracker for all your time management needs.
It’s a productivity app.
It’s a self-improvement tool.
It’s your new personal assistant.


👉Automatic time tracking of all                  activities
👉Comprehensive minute-level time log
👉Detailed habit learning
👉Place detection
👉Movements and physical activity             recording
👉Google calendar integration
👉Phone app usage
👉Time spent on computer
👉Thorough analytics
👉Weekly reports
👉Map view

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