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How To Earn Money Free From The URL Shortner|Adbitly-2019

             Everyone wants money for link shortning. Many people have used link type website in many types but you will not be able to earn more money from that website. If you want to earn paytm money by link short.This post will get the proper information.

What is Link Short Website?

Whenever  any YouTube Video, Website Post and Facebook Post links, you will have to copy that link and go to link Short website and generate new link and share that link. When anyone click on link, you will have money earn.

How to create an account?

Click here to create an account.

When you arrive at the website, click the button with the drop-down menu.

Click the SIGN UP button.

1. Write any name on Username.
2. Write Your Email Address
3. Write your password.
4. Write your password again.
5. Click on the Register Button.
6. Now, when you created your account, the email address that was written, there should be an email, open that Mail, there will be a link on it, click on that link and verify the account.

How to Make Money Short and How to Earn Money?

1. Write your Email Address.
2. Write the password.
3. Click on Sign In Button.
4. Now your account has been logged.

Now you have to paste any video or post link by copying it to the box and clicking on the shorten button.

Now that the new link will have happened, copy that link, you will have to share it on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Social Sites and you will earn Earning when  click on the link shared by you.

How much Earning will be on how many views?

If  click 1000 times on the link that's shared, then $2 will be, i.e. $1 = 67rs. If this 1000 clicks are by the USA, Europe Country, you can also get $6. If you click 1000 times by the people of India, you can also get $2.

When and how to do Money Withdraw?

Money Withdraw on Tez must be $ 3.
Money Withdraw on Paytm requires $ 5 to be.
Money Withdraw on the Bank must be $ 10.

Click here to create an account

Note:Do n't short movie links and adult links. Because it's illegal. If users doing that type of links must deactivate  that links and user account.