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  TaDa Time - Animation App                         YouApp|2018

               Are you like to animations? This app for you.Read the details and download the TaDa Time application.


              When you're on TaDa Time, your reality and imagination become one! This augmented reality messaging app allows you to say what you really feel and go where you really want to be through a personalized 3D avatar. Rock out on stage with your favorite band and share your video to your social media pages.Climb the Eiffel Tower and shout out your love for your sweetheart through personalized 3D Avatar with voice recording feature.Connect with friend's avatars around the world without ever leaving your bedroom through your live feed. When it's TaDa Time, the world is at your fingertips. Join the next generation of social networking of shared imagination today!More ways to communicate:
Create song and music acts by dubbing and share to your network and community or discover songs and music for your act from rebound option in feed.AR Messenger:
Combines traditional text chats along with augmented reality. Send messages of a virtual you, so that your friends and family can hold you in their hands.Group Chats:
Socialize and connect with friends and family via video and text. Social Media:
Compile, create and exchange exciting mixed reality messages to your social networks.
Through TaDa Time's feed, you can now be a part of the Augmented Reality world and see what your friends are doing with their avatar.
Share your location, contact details, pictures with your friends and family.
Rebound interesting acts with dubbed voices. Get popular music and sounds with acts using rebound options from feed.

Features of TaDa Time:

Personalise: Customise your 3d avatar with hair, clothes, and accessories.

Acts: Dance, flirt, laugh, sports, love, sing and much more. Send greetings for any occasion.

Voice recording: Personalise your avatar messages in the real world with your own voice or music.

Chat: Record your digital you in real world share and chat with your friends.

Feed: Post your creations to your network and community discover others post and socialise with friends and families.

   What do you need to operate the app smoothly: Ideally an Android phones that have more than 2 GB RAM and Gyro along with the latest Android version with a high camera quality.

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