IRCTC's website has been transformed; Ticket booking and other services are now easier

IRCTC's website has been transformed; Ticket booking and other services are now easier

Before using the IRCTC website of the Indian Railways, without any help from anyone familiar with it. The first time you use that website is to know it. But the story. The Indian Railways has introduced the IRCTC website with a thorough change. The webpage design that has created complexity and confusion has changed. Following is the introduction of the changes to the IRCTC website.

How to get a new website?

IRCTC's oldest website is still available. When you enter the username and password on this website. On the left side of the home page you can see the red button "Try new website". Clicking on it can access the new website.

You can login directly to the new website by visiting the URL. You can login to the new website using the old password and username.

On the first visitor's website

On the first visit, you will need to book your ticket booking form first. The page you see on the website makes it much simpler. The login link can be found at the top of the website. Other IRCTC website services such as flights, stay, cab and e-catering are displayed below the website. The IRCTC also provides detailed information on various travel packages. Other designs of the website are designed to resolve the conflicts.

We know that the weight list of probabilities is probable

The IRCTC website will also help to determine if it is a ticket booking weight list, if it is possible to become a confirmed sender.

If the confirmation ticket is not available you can select the CNF Portability option and check the potential of weightlisting confirmation.

  • Select the place to travel and see the availability of trains.
  • In the list of available trains, click on Check availability & fare option
  • Then click on CNF Portability option along with the following options.
  • Then you can see how many percentage of tickets are required to get a ticket
This facility is based on previous year's Conference Trend. But this is a possibility. Lucky ticket is going to be lucky. This service is currently available in other third party apps.

Other amenities

On the left side of the page searches the train from Kozhikode to Thiruvananthapuram. Some previously filtered items have been provided. Genre class, train type, train from any station to any station, when the train departes, and when the train arrives, you'll see the filters there.

New filters are also provided under My Transactions. Fitters such as travel date, booked date, next journey and travel completed have been made available for booking tickets easily. You can also change the way it takes, ticket cancellation, print, or get ticket as SMS.

In short, those who used the old website know that the new design is easy to search and use services easier than previous websites.