Google's new app for connecting the community

                Google has introduced a new application in India to build a friendly atmosphere between the inhabitants. Google has introduced a new application, called Nielerly, to improve regional communication.

Questions can be asked and answered by people who are in the same environment, in the same village, who are in the same village. This application can be used to transfer local information.

The application is currently in the experimental stage, though it is made available to Google PlayStore. This app is currently available in Mumbai only. The Android 4.3 Jellybean version will be available for download on all smartphones.

You can use this application for many purposes. For instance, you can ask the bus to get to a place where you can buy a product, where you are, and a good hotel. Anyone who uses the app will answer it. That's the function of this application. In that sense, you can call a smart application to combine mutually unfavorable neighbors.

People can ask questions in the WhatsApp window, let them swipe up at the top and see if they can.

The application will have Google voice recording system. It will also receive voice responses. Apart from English, text and audio services in Indian regional languages ​​and in app will be available. Google is working on the Naberli app, trying to extend the Google service to the local level by using the Google Map Service facility.