Facebook not to showing weapon ads under 18 years old users |YouApp

   Considering the growing mass shootings in the US (firearms in public places), Facebook has banned its users to show arms to 18-year-old arms. Actually, after the growing mass shootings, the debate over the use of weapons in the US has accelerated. Facebook is going to make this decision between this debate.

Currently on the social network, there is a ban on arms advertising, their purchases and their modification, just like in the magazine. But Facebook has kept the age limit above 18 years for the accessories used with weapons, such as the belt, the flashlight on the gun and advertisements for the gun holder or cover.

 The report said that this new policy on June 21.This announcement to Facebook came at a time when there is a debate over the change in law to keep guns throughout the United States. In the past few days, the debate has become intensified after the mass shooting events in schools in Parkland, Florida and Santa Fe, Texas.
Facebook is not the first company to make changes on its platform after the debate over weapons. Earlier in March, YouTube was told by YouTube that they would ban websites that promote weapons. YouTube has already banned companies selling weapons.

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