Lock Me Out : Freedom from phone addiction

Lock Me Out : Freedom from phone addiction

Smartphones and apps are designed to be addictive, and for a lot of people (myself included), it can hard to resist the pull of a Twitter notification or new photos on Instagram. There are plenty of services to help you spend less time staring at your phone, but one free Android app takes a particularly brutal approach that might work for even the most hopeless smartphone addicts.

 Lock Me Out can get granular, too. You can lock your phone until a specific time of day, set it to lock automatically later that day for an hour or two, or a create a weekly schedule of lockout times. Scroll to the bottom of the app’s main page, and you’ll even find an option that lets you lock your phone for 30 minutes if your screen time passes 5 hours per day—or you unlock the device more than 12 times in an hour.


 • Choose apps allowed during a lockout*
 • Lock out to lock screen
• Lock yourself out completely (screen off)*
• Quick lock buttons (15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 3h)
•Lock until X time • Lock later from X - X time
• Schedule regular daily lockouts
• Automatic lockouts based on your usage
• Usage monitor for daily statistics of screen-on time, number of unlocks, and unlock rate
• Notifications that warn you about your usage
• No ads

 Lock Me Out is completely customizable to your needs and constantly being improved based on user feedback and feature requests. You may find a very similar app on the market with a similar name. That app is a blatant copy of this one with less functionality and more bugs. Lock Me Out is the original!

 If you use a third party replacement lockscreen, Lock Me Out will lock the screen as soon as you turn it on because third party lockscreens don't notify the system when they are unlocked.

 Note: To uninstall on Android 7.1 and older, you must first toggle "Device administrator" off from inside the app or from the system settings.