Can the photo be better with megapixels on smart phone cameras?

If you have a megapixel on the smart phone camera, it is important to have a good photo. This is wrong. The good censor, the lens and the one behind the camera are the megapixels and the picture is getting worse. This is because the iPhone 6's 8MP camera has a better photo than many phones with 13MP. One of the tasks that the phone makers have done to get people to work is that their phone has a more megapixel camera. A digital photo is a mixture of small dots called pixels.

When you put things together, you'll get a photo. One megapixel is one that adds to 10 lakh small drops. But in spite of the fact that such points are integrated, you get a dirty photo. A good photo should have a sensor and a good lens.

The larger the size of the sensor, the greater the ability to gain more light. This will also do good lenses with big pressures. These will increase the risk of being photographed.

Let's look at the other side. One: If you do not have enough megapixels, it is not good to print the image. Two: Well done if more megapixels are good. For example, one of the best DSLRs released last year is the Nikon D850. This is the most megapixel camera released by Nikon. If you use good lenses with this camera with 45.7MP resolution, copy the sharp and rashes to the other than the other Nikon camera that is still in use.

The lesson is that the megapixel is good. But it is not good if the sensor and lens are constructed, so the photo will not be as good as the number of megapixels.