Delete for Everybody; Whatsapp with a new move

  WhatsApp was introduced last year by sending a system to send unsolicited text messages. This feature is very useful and users are very happy with it. However, the company is planning to introduce a new feature called Block Rework Request which will show that this feature is being misused.

Whatsapp is provided for seven minutes and time limit for deletion of messages. WhatsApp also plans to increase it to an hour. Those who use Android apps have been able to delete messages sent back three years ago by using WhatsApp. The new feature is an attempt to prevent this abuse.

When someone currently requests to delete the message, it will check if the database is on the recipient's phone and immediately remove it. But when the new feature comes into effect, the sender will receive a notification message when it attempts to delete the message after a specified time limit. WhatsApp's decision to fix this is 24 hours. That means no one can remove the message illegally. This is reported by the WhatsApp Fans website, Tabeta.