Color Skill Game

  Who doesn’t like to play games If you are using an Android phone restaurant that you install at least one game in your phone. For sure you tried any game whenever you are having free time. Some people like car racing games, some people like strategy games some like puzzles.

There are hundreds of games in the Android Play Store it is very difficult to find one from them here in this article I am introducing you you cool puzzle game which will kill your free time and definitely you’ll enjoy. I hope you like colour.

This game is all about colour and you should have at least minimum speed. The basic of this game is typing on colours and test your taping skill. This symbol game is having another 5 different type of games. Define different modes in this games are switch pendulum complex trampoline and balance.

Switch: we all like images right in the switch mode Switch the color of the emoji to the circle in order to pass through it. If you fail to pass the same colour you will hit the emoji on different colour and there you lost your game.

Pendulum: In the pendulum mode you have to type Tap on the color when the pointer points at the same color as itself.

Complex: in the complex mode you have to switch the same color as the ball to keep it in the air.

Tumble: in tumble mode The ball will bounce on a trampoline. You have to Make sure the color of the ball is the same as the trampoline otherwise it won’t bounce and you will lose your game.

Balance: in the balance mode you should Move the paddle around and hit the ball with the part of the paddle that matches the ball’s color. Help you lose.

This is a simple time killing game, which will help you to enjoy during your break time I hope you can enjoy the game.