Living Wallpapers For Android Users

 We all like to have good looking paint on our home right? And what comes in terms of a smartphone? Is it a protective case or a tempered glass? I think it should be a good looking wallpaper. A good wallpaper is the real thing which makes the smartphone keeps different from other smartphone. As all smartphones have a good display, some of them are having amoled display. It is very bright and lightweight. Not only that, it gives an amazing look for the smartphone. Even though a smartphone have a good display, what will happen if it don’t have a good wallpaper? In this case Living Wallpaper relevant for you.

 Living wallpaper is an animated 3D wallpaper application for your android smartphone. If you apply this wallpaper, you will feel that, this application is moving when you tilt or swipe on your screen. Almost every Wallpapers in this application are moving things like clouds, people, animal, vehicles etc. So that you will feel it is really moving like in a video. I personally suggest, atleast once you should try this application. Because it will give extra beauty to your smartphone and you will feel new whenever you use your smartphone. Then why are you waiting for? Go and download this application. This application is very innovative and updated almost everyday. You can use these wallpaper as your lock screen as well and it is 100% free. 


- Interactive 3D images 
- Variety of different interactive 3D    wallpapers and lock screens  
- 100% FREE
- New sets of backgrounds updated    regularly!