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Junk Photo and Video Cleaner Stash

Whatsapp Useless Image Cleaner or Junk Cleaner - Stash outstanding AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engine automatically find out the junk forwarded waste images. Now cleaning your phone is just a tap away.
 It learns which images are important to you & which are junk photos.
Deleted but not lost & recovered in a flash, as it safely keeps every deleted photo in Trash for 10 Days.
It also knows when you are running out of space suggesting you to clean images daily. So that you don’t have to worry about Storage Space again.

So WHY MANUALLY find USELESS PHOTOS when you can just DELETE them in 1 Tap and Increase Storage Space. Install best Junk Cleaning App


Quick Analyzing
• Quickly suggests Useless photos from Whatsapp forwarded photos
• Super Fast Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology
• During scanning gives option to deselect usefull photos saving time

Advanced Deletion
• Reduce your time of reviewing images by suggesting only 18 Junk Images at once to delete.
• Saves a lot of storage space
• Safely delete images so that any useful image is not deleted by mistake

Restore from Trash
• Restore images from Trash within 10 days of deletion
• Automatically delete the images after 10 days

Smart Listing of Useless Photos
• It smartly learn which photos are important to you & don't show it again once deselected using a 'Super Advanced Algorithm'
• Scans all Whatsapp Images to find out the most useless image which are taking up storage space on phone
• Also, scans through the Gallery Photos finding all junk photos which are far better than the gallery doctor results.

Low on Internet Data
• Unlike Gallery Doctor it doesn't use a lot of Internet / Mobile Data at all
• Compress Images while scanning so least possible mobile data is used.

Boost Phone
It also have the super awesome power of boosting phone as more the photos are deleted a lot of space gets saved and phone runs super fast.


 • Analyze & Delete Junk Images: It smartly analyzes all the images & find out the useless images to delete from the phone saving your manual effort of finding them.

 • Restore Images from Trash: We know mistakes happen so we created the Trash for recovering the images from it within 10 days.

 • BOOST PHONE: It never slows down your phone it makes your Phone run Super Fast by freeing up space used by junk images.

 • INCREASE BATTERY LIFE (BATTERY SAVER): Deletion of junk images helps run the phone optimally thus increasing the Battery Life by a drastic amount.

 • NO MORE LAG: Once you delete all your Useless Images your Phone will run super fast.

 Stash is 100% Free! Download it for free & the Junk Image Cleaning or Junk Cleaning is gonna be an old thing now!