How to play YouTube videos in background of Mobile

Floating Tube Video Player

Floating Tube Video Player For Android is a light weight App for watching Youtube with Pop Up box. With a new design of YouTube player, you can have Multitasking like You can play YouTube videos and music side by side working on other apps. Multitasking with watching YouTube video is now easy with this new APP. Floating Tube Video Player is a simple POP UP YOUTUBE video player APP with multitasking like you can play videos as well as operate other apps also, movable video, play videos on background or minimize it etc. This application gives the opportunity to customize you videos while you are doing other works on you mobile phone like chatting, searching, SMS etc.

Popup youtube  app watch youtube videos in popup mode so that can you can play youtube videos as well as youtube playlist out side the app in floating mode.

Support Versions of Floating YouTube App :  It support  5.0, 6.0, 7.X version in android.

 Feature of Floating Tube player App:

•       Floating YouTube player App is light weight and easy to use.
Floating Tube App can play youtube videos as well as operate other apps also.
Play any youtube videos and playlists.
•       In youtube video popup player app you can view email attachments without leaving       email app.
•       With Floating player view multiple PDF files at the same time.
•       Floating  tube app can provide feature open links in floating browser and view them later.
Movable Floating YouTube Video Player.
Play YouTube  videos on background or minimize it.
Select multiple YouTube videos in Tube Video Player according to their quality 360p, 720p, 1080p etc.
According to your requirement adjust the size of videos in Tube Video Player.
It have feature of Hide/ Show the Float Tube from the floating player.
PopUp Tube Video Player Provide the facility of Batter Saver Mode.
You can play full screen YouTube videos also.
Get the quick list of music genres like Hip-Hop, Electronic, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Disco, Rhythm & blues and many more.
You can get the list of Top songs daily.
Floating YouTube Video Player App provide free search of millions of music videos.


a)  Floating Tube Video Player not providing any facility of downloading.
b)  Floating Tube Video Player App is not affiliated with YOUTUBE.