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Facebook is the 2nd Best Place to Work in 2017
Glassdoor, the popular job website, has recently revealed its annual list of the "Best Places to Work" at for 2017 and Facebook has made it to second spot on the list. The list is topped by Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm. When it comes to other tech companies, Google is ranked at fourth, with followed closely by LinkedIn, Adobe and Nvidia. Apple has dropped down to the 36th spot, after ranking at 26th last year.
Glassdoor ranks the companies based on anonymous employee reviews on the website and then, uses its algorithm to make the list. Along with the "Best Places to Work" list, the company has also revealed a list of the "Highest Rated CEOs", where the biggest mover is Tim Cook, dropping from the 8th position last year to the 56th position this year. The top 10 of this list includes Jen-Hsun Huang, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.